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GUT Energy  ·  Techical Analysys Request


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con la presente il soggetto intende tutelare quanto in oggetto (allegando o incorporando) attraverso la registrazione di questa email con Quantistique Banque.

Con la chiusura dell'Informatica attraverso la Programmazione di Parole, il Proprietario ha deciso di formalizzare la Teoria della Grande Unificazione.

quadro UNIVERSE  (o quadro GUT)

      Legge dell'Universo  o  G.U.T. (Teoria della Grande Unificazione)


NB: (...tempo fa...) Durante la scrittura di questa email e durante tutta la notte, pesante irraggiamento del corpo causata da una qualche forma di sorgente di onde radio.
NB: US & UK usano radioonde con l'obiettivo di spiare. IT ruba. In seguito hanno cominciato fare del male per provocare sabotaggio.
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NB: Queste formulazioni le ho elaborate prima dell'invio della presente email. Durante la formulazione sicuro spionaggio e interpretazione.
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Good morning,
with this email the subject intends to protect what in object (attaching or incorporating) through the registration of this email with Quantistique Banque.

With the closure of Informatics through Parole Programming, the Proprietary has decided to formalize the Grand Unified Theory.

frame UNIVERSE  (or frame GUT)

      Law of the Universe  or  G.U.T. (Grand Unified Theory)


NB: (...time ago...) During the writing of this email and all night long, heavy irradiation of body due to a kind of form of radiowaves source.
NB: US & UK use radiowaves in order to spy. IT robs. Later on they started hurting in order to provoke sabotage.
NB: FR started strong radiowaves to control without care.
NB: I elaborated these formulations before the sending email. During formula sure espionage and interpretations.
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In physics the Law of the Universe is a theoretical equation limit[1] which extremely simplifies the ingredients of the mechanics involved in the first moments of the Big Bang. Today's research produced models and all of them point to accorp everything in one single Theory (GUT).[2]

The search of a law for the universe[3] has fascinated humanity since the beginning, but during the phylosophical movement called Illuminism the people was sure that knowing the rules of the universe and the start of the time, it would have been easy to calculate every moment of history, but today we know this is impossible for the Indeterminacy principle asserts a fundamental limit to the precision with which certain pairs of physical properties of a particle can be known.[4] This means that there's a problem at the base of the assertion, because we cannot even know contemporary the position and the speed of a particle, therefore operate any stochastic prevision.

The formulation of a law has always been a slow and thoughtful process. Scientists always lived their discoveries as difficult moments of proves. Sometimes they did not take into account proprietary formulas and became aware of their discovery only after years. Not always the society was able to accept their messages and sometimes they also have been threatened with tortured like Galileo Galilei[5] or even murdered like the Pythagoreans[6].

Motum (Vis Insita) 
Force (Vis Externa) 
Energy (Vis Viva) 
Kinetic Energy 
Conservation of Energy 
Universal Law 
Galileo Galilei 
Isaac Newton 
Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz 
William Thomson 
Johann and Daniel Bernoulli 
Rudolf Clausius 
Albert Einstein 
Ei: I = mv (or Inertia by Newton)
Ef: F = ma
Ev: V = mv2
Ek: Ek = 1/2 mv2
Et: 1/2 δv2 + Pressure = Constant
EtΔU = ΔQ - ΔW
Eh: E = mc2
Eu: G.U.T.

Scientific evidence
Though Reality seems to present an incredible diversity, the contemporary Physics believes to have reached the fundamental bricks of everything, for example the quarks. To understand, a quantization of the Reality itself has been performed, but because such quantization is today producing an increasingly amount of numbers, the points of view (Hilbert space) increase too. If the Ockam's Razor[7] is valid then a more simple representation of the quantum mechanics is possible.
Starting from the costatation that all states of matter tend to similar behaviours at high temperatures, the experimentation is studying matter creating distinct events and studying their energy vortex in colliders; but the more realistic representation of the photon we have still is the movement of orthogonal waves for its comprehension more bound to the wave rather than the corpuscolar entity[8]. In a pure perspective the intrinsec movement of a particle in the space is admittable only accepting the existence of absolute empty[9] in events production, creating conditions similar to a black hole or the first instants of the Big Bang, in order to understand the event formation mechanism and find deeper meanings.

In order to study fundamental matter formation we have to take into account that:
  • Einstein's General Relativity equation λpl=Għ/c3~10-33cm is valid only till the Planck scale[10]
  • Light speed is always constant so the photon can be viewed as unitary space per time and Spacetime, rather than being a grid in the Universe, is a property of the matter itself
  • The Planck time[11] creates volume and results in actual matter as combination of energy forms; the granularity is maintained in huge stars and, excluding black holes[12], this guarantees stability at all states of matter[13]
  • The conditions that have to be reached in order to assist at events formation are the most extreme and need energy sufficient to debind the matter or cause atomic nuclei fusion, but a TOP-DOWN approach is also possible. The proves about the Big Bang theory, in fact, can be virtually mathematized[14] crashing the Symmetry to the center of the Singularity from the poles, whose limit existence is verified through the diversity of the reality itself. Once reached the law will be able to explain phenomenons from infinite energies to infinitesimal ones, that is all the Universe.

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